About the brand

BE DIFFERENT : Dare to stand out!
THE BE DIFFERENT: is individual, innovative, unique and extroverted.

It stands out from all the uniformity, it is different and new every day.

About me

My name is Eva Szabo, founder and designer of Be different. I draw an endless amount of inspiration from my memories, feelings and moods, as well as from all my travels around the world.

Even as a child I was fascinated by the idea of creating new things.  My grandmother on my mother’s side used to make me countless costumes, so I had plenty of opportunities to witness how a piece of fabric turns into something tangible and really special. After the textile art, I went on to work with leather I found it more and more interesting, so I began to design leather bags. Leather is an exciting and unique metier which is hard to work with. And this is exactly why I fell in love with it. It is always interesting to see the different types of leather come together to form the final product.

When designing, other than the shape, I take into consideration the comfort and practicality of an item to make sure I only give to others what I would gladly use myself.